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Our sales-engineers and project-engineers would make the most suitable offers to meet customer's requirements based on our experiences and technology. Please feel free to contact us.


We perform optimum compressor selection from over thirty kinds of compressors including overseas vendor's ones. To meet various customer's demands, we are proposing, engineering, manufacturing, and maintaining the compressor systems based on Japanese High Pressure Gas Safety Law.


We are providing many kinds of hydraulic equipments i.e., hydraulic pumps and assembly of valves etc with various manufacturers. We are also providing our original hydraulic systems based on our original designing and manufacturing to meet our customer's needs.

Plants and
from overseas

We are importing and representing superior plants and machines from all over the world.

Gas Solutions

Most suitable selection of compressor and design of the peripheral equipment
We are providing process design, manufacturing, startup operation, and maintenance of the most suitable compressor system including peripheral equipment.

Heat Solutions

We make a unit with variety of heat exchangers and relevant equipment for power stations and other industries.
We offer the best solutions of saving resources and recover of energy, by means of their effective use and by proper control of temperature and pressure.
Through the effective use of energy, we devote ourselves to the protection of global environment, energy savings and cost savings.

Saving Energy and

We are providing most suitable Environmental Equipments based on energy saving and environmental protection of the earth. These environmental facilities that was designed and manufactured based on various customer's needs and requirements, have satisfied our customers.

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