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Overseas Products

We are importing and representing superior plants and machines from all over the world.

Ingersoll Rand (former Cameron)
Newyork, USA

Centrifugal Compressor (Integrally Geared Type)

API617 Process Gas Compressor
API672 Package Type Air Compressor

Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, LNG, Power Plant, Instrument Air, Industrial Gas, Natural Gas, Syn Gas

Ingersoll Rand (former Cameron)

Patterson Pump Company
Georgia, USA

Fire Water Pump Unit
As per NFPA20, UL Listed, FM Approval
Can be appllied to related regualtions of
each country, such as DPEM / Dossier for
Algeria and BOMBA for Brunei.
Pump Type:
Horizontal-Split, Centrifugal : 50 - 5,000 + over GPM
Double-suction Horizontal-Split: Max Head 350 Meter
Vertical Turbine : 500 - 5,000 GPM
Vertical In-line: 150 - 750 GPM

Patterson Pump Company

Gardner Denver Nash
Pennsylvania, USA

Liquid ring vacuum & compressor system

Two-stage cone type liquid ring vacuum pump & compressor
Engineered vacuum & compressor system
Steam jet air ejector
Hybrid vacuum system


Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Power Plant, Pulp & Paper, Mining, etc.

Gardner Denver Nash

Hoffman & Lamson
Pennsylvania, USA

Multistage Centrifugal Blowers, Exhausters & Engineered Systems

Ideal solution to processes that require uniform pressure, pulse-free flow and oil-free operation
Supply of energy saving controls and VFD's, a wide range of accessories and durable materials

Hoffman & Lamson

Emile Egger & Cie SA
Neuchâtel, Switzerland

Slurry Pumps

Turo Vortex Pump T
Turo pump is used for gentle pumping of sludge of all kinds

Process Pump EO/EOS
High-performance pump for homogeneous liquids containing high concentrations of solids and high gas content


India / Pune (Approx. 100km east-south-east from Mumbai)

Manufacturer for Boiler
& Fired Heater

Oil/Gas Fired Boilers upto 500T/H
HRSG behind Gas Turbines upto Frame 9 or Equivalent
Waste Heat Boilers in Petrochemical & Refineries
Fired Heaters of API 560
Solid Fuel Fired Boilers

Eaton Filtration, LLC Ronningen-PetterTM Branded Products

Peroni Pompe S.p.A.
Imilano, Italy

Plunger Pump
Recirpocating Pump as per API674
Metering Pump as per API675
Special Features:
Peroni's double-ball Valve design enables their pumps to serve for high-viscosity process fluid, and for the fluid with particle.
Main Application:
Slurry, Coke, Oil / Water / CO2 Injection

Peroni Pompe S.p.A.


Water & Wastewater Treatment Technology

Demineralized water and condensate polisher for power plant, oil & gas and petrochemical industries
Ultrapure water for semi-conductor, wafer-fabrication and photo-voltaic industries
Odor & Air Pollution Control Technology
Purification of contaminated air with a more than 10,000,000 m³/h capacity installation


Düren (near Köln), Germany

Furnaces for Powder Metallurgy
Conveyor Belt Furnaces(CBS), High-Temperature CBS
Walking Beam Furnaces (WBS)
Pusher Furnace (PTS)
Continuous Steam Treatment Furnaces (CBD)
MIM (Metal Injection Molding) Furnace
Specific Furnace


Eaton Filtration, LLC
Branded Products

Michigan, USA

Catalyst bed protection of desulphurization unit in the refinery
Heavy oil treatment
Fixed bed hydrocracker
Direct Desulphurization

Eaton Filtration, LLC Ronningen-PetterTM Branded Products

References and applications

  • NFPA20 Fire Water Pump
  • High-Pressure, Re-injection pump for platform & FPSO
  • MIM (Metal Injection Molding) Master-8 System, Reduction Furnace
  • Automatic backwashing filter for feed line of hydrodesulfurization process (or direct desulfurization process)
  • Filter for high viscosity fluid

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